Ancient Greek Philosophers Standing Display!

Ancient Greek Philosophers Standing Display!

Posted by zanah on 13th Jan 2021

It's another one from our Topic Investigations: Ancient Greece book! This time we're talking about Philosophy and the Ancient Greek Philosophers that live on through their work! This is our first Standing Display Notebooking Central template give away and we're excited for you to have it for your files! :)

Determine appropriate student responses for varying ability levels, learning goals and standards: maps, graphs, notes, definitions, questions, events, predictions, descriptions, explanations, comparisons, research, primary source information, past and/or present opinions, content and life connections, etc

Notebook Foldable Standing Display: Cut out the template. Fold anchor tab backward and forward. Fold template along dotted lines. Glue anchor tab onto notebook toward the top of the page so that it supports the standing display when open. Choose and research any two Greek philosophers—Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Zeno—and compare their focus and legacies.

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