Chemical Reaction Notebooking Foldable!

Chemical Reaction Notebooking Foldable!

Posted by Zanah on 5th Oct 2020

Black garlic is an example of the Malliard Reaction: “A chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars” that gives browned food its distinctive flavor. Let’s talk about chemical reactions!

Students can use the templates to write about this chemical reaction or any other chemical reaction you might studying.

Happy Garlic-Lover's Day! Dinah is a garlic lover! She wrote about her new garlic obsession: "black garlic"! have you ever tried it? Read her note here:

"Last month, one of my sisters introduced me to black garlic. As a fellow garlic-lover she knew i’d love it’s creamy texture and sweet, rich flavor. I read on the internet that any type of garlic can be aged and transformed into black garlic, and it can be used in recipes like raw garlic. I found some at COSTCO

and so far i’ve used it in appetizers, salad dressings, and as a quick snack." -Dinah Zike

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