Earth's Sun Notebooking Template

Earth's Sun Notebooking Template

Posted by Zanah on 13th Jan 2021

Here comes the sun! This is another science Dinah Download! Our first Winged Notebooking Template giveaway!

Describe the Sun, its position in space, when it is visible, and its importance to life on Earth.

Winged Notebook Foldable: Cut out the template. Fold template sections backward and forward. Glue center section onto notebook page forming "wings." 

Have a class discussion on the Sun. Share information learned through reading and research. 

Under the left tab, list things known about the Sun. Under the right tab, list things learned about the Sun. 

Think about and describe how your body feels when it is and is not in direct sunlight.

Do you think sunlight or the lack of sunlight can influence your mood? Discuss and explain.

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