Grouping Triangles Multi-Tab Shutterfold!

Grouping Triangles Multi-Tab Shutterfold!

Posted by Zanah on 19th Mar 2021

It's a free math and geometry Foldable Dinah Download today! Use this Multi-Tab Shutterfold Notebooking Template to teach students about grouping triangles! How to make it!:

Notebook Foldable Multi-Tab Shutterfold: Cut out the template. Fold anchor tabs backward and forward. Glue anchor tabs onto notebook page to form a shutterfold. Cut the center line and then cut other solid cut lines to form multiple tabs.

Determine appropriate student responses for varying ability levels, learning goals and standards: notes, definitions, diagrams, computations, equations, word problems, laws and theorems, data analysis, questions, comparisons, descriptions, predictions, applications, content and life connections, etc.

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