Independent Reading Choices Three Tab!

Independent Reading Choices Three Tab!

21st Dec 2021

Today's free Dinah Download is Dinah's Notebooking Central Independent Reading Choices Three Tab! This download can be used for student's journalling of their book collection or want to read list.

How to make:

Notebook Foldable Three-Tab: Cut out the template. Fold anchor tab backward and forward. Glue anchor tab onto notebook page. Cut to form three tabs. Label the bookcase to provide ownership on the anchor tab. Date and record titles according to labels under the tabs. Notebook page allows revisiting at a later time and additions. Pair sharing may encourage adding titles to bottom tab.

Determine appropriate student responses for varying ability levels, learning goals and standards: terms, sentences, phrases, questions, examples, opinions, definitions, sketches, descriptions, predictions, comparisons, literature and life connections, etc