Life Cycle Changes: Chicken

Life Cycle Changes: Chicken

Posted by Zanah on 26th Aug 2021

Today we're giving away a free deluxe Dinah Download! This Notebook Foldable Stacker is life cycle changes of a chicken!

Describe and sequence some of the characteristic changes that occur during the life cycle of animals.

HOW TO FOLD: Notebook Foldable Stacker: Cut out the template. Fold anchor tabs backward and forward. Stack together indesired order and glue anchor tabs together. Glue bottom anchor tab onto notebook page. Discuss the changes that occur during the life cycle of a mammal such as a cat. Look at the stacked circles, and orally describe predictable stages of development of the chicken. Label each photo. Relate and compare the development of a chick to the development of a kitten. What happens at the end of an animal’s life cycle?

 LifeCyclesofChicken.PDF   downloadsbutton.png

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