Method of Computation 4 Tab Notebook Foldable!

Method of Computation 4 Tab Notebook Foldable!

Posted by Zanah on 15th Mar 2021

It's been a while since we shared a Free Dinah Download! We've been busy on Youtube sharing some information about our Classics Collection! All of Dinah's classic books in one place, for a discounted price! 


Today's Dinah Download is a 4 tab Notebook Foldable! "Methods of Computation"!

MethodofComputation4Tab.PDF             downloadsbutton.png

Determine appropriate student responses for varying ability levels, learning goals and standards: notes, definitions, diagrams, computations, equations, word problems, laws and theorems, data analysis, questions, comparisons, descriptions, predictions, applications, content and life connections, etc

Notebook Foldable Four-Tab: Cut out the template.

Fold anchor tab backward and forward. 

Glue anchor tab onto notebook page. 

Cut to form four tabs.