Veteran's Day Download

Veteran's Day Download

Posted by Zanah on 11th Nov 2020

Happy Veteran's Day!

To help teach about Veteran's Day Dinah is giving away a free Notebooking Central Multi-Tab Shutterfold Template!

Notebook Foldable Multi-Tab Shutterfold: Cut out the template. Fold anchor tabs backward and forward. Glue anchor tabs onto notebook page to form a shutterfold. Cut the center line and then cut other solid cut lines to form multiple tabs. Under each tab, tell the importance of the day. Tell what you or your community does to recognize the patriotic celebration. Explain how patriotic customs and celebrations reflect American individualism, freedom, and our national identity.

Describe the origins of customs, holidays, and celebrations, including Constitution Day as a celebration of American freedom.

U.S.PatrioticCelebrations.PDF downloadsbutton.png